Josh and Darice

Josh and Darice

We are often asked, “How do you do it?” With seven kids, some very close in age, it’s a fair question! We always knew we had love to give but what we didn’t know was how much we would receive in return.

We had the privilege of meeting a sweet baby girl who was in foster care. When we heard that she may be needing a forever home, we were compelled to be that home. Although that didn’t happen, we kept our belief of “everything happens for a reason.” So, we, along with our two biological children, entertained the thought of providing respite care (short term care for foster children). Somewhere along the way, it turned into us becoming a full-fledged foster family. Our first placement happened quickly, followed by another 10 months later, another 10 months later, another 7 months later, and yet another 20 months later! We have two sets of siblings and are proud and very happy we were able to keep them together. We have been blessed by adoption four times, and are hopeful that number will rise.

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